Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture

Aalto University’s Aalto Design Talks offers lectures from the most interesting designers of our time. Boa creates the posters for this free-for-all event curated by ex-Artek design director Ville Kokkonen.

graphic design
poster design

So, what’s so special about a simple poster?

Nothing, but putting a real thought in it, is. That is why these are made so that the viewer actually stops to observe them, eventually understands why they are made the way they are, and ultimately owns the thinking.

The brief might as well be: do something that describes the matter at hand. Do it with a simple image that is not an image of the lecturer, but describes the person behind it. Make it fun to watch, make it exciting to think, reach the target group! Design it so that the visual it meets the level of the lecturer. And do not use any unnecessary words, that’s just boring.

So far Aalto Design Talks have had lectures by Stefan Diaz, Jonathan Olivares, Petra Blaisse, Leon Ransmeier and Benjamin Pardo (Knoll)