Club Dynamo

Visual fireworks for one of the most legendary nightclubs in Finland.

While other clubs come and go, Dynamo stays. Why? Simply put, it has managed to keep playing with the right spirit without forgetting to shed its skin regularly. Courage has played a key role by giving Dynamo its freedom to appear different yet classy. And of course, how things look has a tremendous effect on the overall feeling.

graphic design
poster design
type design

In the past few years, BOA has worked on a range of different projects for Dynamo including merch posters, and all kinds of promotional material. What’s important here is not a single artwork, but a series of surprising visuals and their long lasting aftermath. The point is to always look different yet Dynamo.

Dynamo graphical guidelines are rather simple. Not because a nightclub wouldn’t need strict basics, but because in simplicity there’s usually a certain core rule that works as a foundation for everything. If it is designed carefully. This kind of core gives Dynamo the freedom to express itself and to reflect its experimental and open-minded mentality. Just like the people who time after time appear up on their doorstep.