Mobile Game with Fifth Corner Inc

Have a break, they said.

A large Finnish digital innovation and engineering company needed something to encourage employees to have a break or to exercise during the workday.

In short, modern work well-being goes:
have enough breaks, eat healthy, drink water, exercise.

app design
ui design
ux design
graphic design

But how to insert this kind of thinking into the gen z and millennial mind? One way is to dress the thinking into characters, gear them up with wacky personalities, crust their world with light humor and make them compete. Id est, make it a game, make it mobile.

In short, the game goes:
play against your colleague by exercising and doing health-related tasks. By doing so, your character moves on the game board and it might just reach the goal before your opponent does.

All visuals from character design to UI/UX were created by Boa.